Summer Holiday Club 2024 – Booking Available!

Availability for the Summer Holiday Club is now online on our 2023-2024 Booking Forms page.

The club can only accept children aged 4 and under 12. Please see the Booking Form for further information – return completed forms with payment by Friday 19th July 2024.


Week 1 DayActivities
Wednesday 24th July 2024Summer Crafts 🧡
Decorating Biscuits πŸͺ
Thursday 25th July 2024Picnic in the Park 🧺
Mini Disco πŸ•Ί
Friday 26th July 2024Bring Your Wheels πŸ›΄
Cupcake Making 🧁
Week 1 Activities

Week 2 DayActivities
Monday 29th JulyDecorating Pots and Planting Seeds πŸͺ΄
Pizza Pinwheels πŸ•
Tuesday 30th JulyMessy Play Day 🎨
Jewellery Making πŸ’
Wednesday 31st JulyMaking Bird Feeders 🐀
Tray Bake Cookery πŸ“₯
Thursday 1st AugustDream Catchers πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ
Mini Sports Day πŸ…
Friday 2nd AugustSausage Rolls πŸ₯
Monster Plates πŸ‘½
Week 2 Activities

Week 3 DayActivities
Monday 5th AugustPizza MakingπŸ•
Friendship Bracelets 🫢
Tuesday 6th AugustWalk to the Lake 🚢🏽
DVD and Popcorn Afternoon (bring a pillow!) 🍿
Wednesday 7th August Chalk Art πŸ–ΌοΈ
Jewelled Biscuits πŸͺ
Thursday 8th August Outdoor Den Building β›Ί
Pebble Art πŸͺ¨
Friday 9th August Badge Making πŸ“›
Cookie Making πŸͺ
Week 3 Activities

Week 4 DayActivities
Monday 12th August Bring Your Wheels Day 🚲
Fishing 🎣
Tuesday 13th August Water Fun and Games 🌊
Treasure Hunt πŸͺ™
Wednesday 14th August Junk Boat Making (Will Your Boat Float?) πŸ›₯️
Muffin Making 🍰
Thursday 15th August Chocolate Brownies 🍫
Sand Art ⛱️
Friday 16th August Decorating Biscuits πŸͺ
DVD and Popcorn Afternoon (bring a pillow!) 🍿
Week 4 Activities

All activities weather dependent

We look forward to seeing you!